Surf Servers New Major Timer Release [DONE]

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    • Surf Servers New Major Timer Release [DONE]

      Timer Major Update [DONE]

      More Informations you will find later/tomorrow here <3
      Its a lot of stuff that we have fixed and added for you <3 <3 <3

      These are major things that we changed/added. Thats not all but this update had become a big backend update with this one. Let us know how you like it :D

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      • Prespeed method has been changed by the core developer #fluffys.
        • From now on you will never again receive the message that you are dont allowed to jump here.
      • If users want to know which plugins and from whem we are running on our servers then they need to ask us. If you try to type in console sm plugins/sm/meta/meta version you will become a permanent ban that we dont take back.
      • Points for each tier/rank/bonus has put up.
      • Removed Weapons. From now on the surf servers has only the option that you can become a knive. (For cleaner hud and that we can hide the weaponslot in csgo :D)
      • Rewrite the vip system that it will works with our custom made controlpanel.

      New Features:
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      • Speed Compare (PB/WR/Top10):
        • Lets users show by the different types the PB/WR/Top10 Speed for your current zone.
        • As default its set that you are compared by your own speed. Easy change it by !options or !csdt / !changespeeddisplaytype.
      • OnLoading when connect:
        • Performance for the servers are equals for us that we also give you as player a no laggy server on that you play and can have fun. This will feature prevent that you dont load right or not all your data.
      • Serverwide Replay Update if on 2 or more servers are running the same to the newest world record.
      • Added command !sc / !socialchannels that you see a menu of our given Socialchannels. With a click on it you can see it in the motd.
        • For each channel you have also the option to open it with each command:
          • Facebook: Added command !facebook (opens Facebook page)
          • Steamgroup: Added command !join / !steam (opens Steamgroup page)
          • Instagram: Added command !instagram (opens Instagram page)
          • Twitter: Added command !twitter (opens Twitter page)
          • Forum: Added command !forum (opens Forum page)
          • Sourcebans: Added command !bans (opens Sourcebans page)
          • Youtube: Added command !youtube (opens Youtube channel)
      • Added command !join / !steam lets you open a motd in which you can join to our steamgroup
      • Added command !steamgroup that a bot sends you a steamgroup invite if you maybe later want to buy vip or donate then you have the bot already added.
      • New Option added in !options. You can choose by !options -> Miscellaneous which type of speed you want to compare your time. (WR/Top10/PB (your own speed)
      • New Option added in !options. If you dont want the speedcompare then you can disable it and then it dont displayed in chat anymore.
      • Added command !csdt / !changespeeddisplaytype if you dont want to open the !options menu then you can change it directly by this command.
      • Added command !mysdt / !myspeeddisplaytype shows your current speed compare type if you maybe dont know which one you have now activated.
      • Bots from now on in the most cases will never be again broken.

      Bug Fixes:
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      • Double joined team message.
      • !afk improvements.
      • Mapcount for !profile was wrong counted.
      • Bonus Bot on spec sidepanel messages.
      • rankshort tags was for timer version that it has displayed sometime {style} in tags.
      • Now if you spec a real ingame player the spectated player dont lose anymore his weapons.
      • Minor optimations.
      • Fixed command !bug with that you can report (Map/Timer/Server) bugs.
      • SSJ Stats implementation for bhop server has been optimized. Fixed some bugs with it.
      • Fixed an bug for vips that the session stats dont open right.